American Wedding

Everybody loves a wedding and when it comes to Americans planning weddings, there is a lot of fanfare, gaiety and traditions involved for those that love customary charm.

For those that are not too fond of the strapping of conventions and traditions or things overly religious, there are lots of fun-filled and funky practices to choose from, for that’s the beauty of being in a free-will nation like America. The freedom to do as you please, think and act in your own best interest without state interference or social obligations to bind you down are best experienced by those living in this populous and most powerful economy of the world; is it then any wonder that the American Dream is a concept that is rapidly being taken to by other global economies as well?

For sure, life in the US is very open and popular among those looking for careers, love and relationships of the evolving kinds as there is such a lot of freedom and goodwill over making your own decisions, so when it comes to tying the knot and arranging for décor, rituals, celebrations etc. there are innumerable choices available to the public that are free for the taking. This kind of variety and open-mindedness regarding celebrations and wedding arrangements makes for easier, more fun and enjoyable wedding planning for everyone involved as the preferences of the bride-groom take precedence over others, which is what it should ideally be like as its their big day – not that of the rest of the family which prevails in other cultures and many a time is completely opposite to what the main couple want.

So, the reason why many American weddings are such cause for celebration is because of the freedom involved to research, develop, plan and put together a customized American Wedding plan that is most suited to the couple getting married and includes their preferences for hall décor, church or registered marriage/following regional wedding customs, being free to either accept presents or go without, have a pre-wedding shower party or simply a reception or even keep it intimate (just close family).

So much easier and hassle-free – isn’t it? More on the great American Wedding and what elements give it a distinct touch, but down the line:

1. The most common aspects of planning an all-American wedding include deciding how to present the ceremony, whether to have a traditional one or simply legalize it in court and have a sober affair. Others prefer the whole enchilada of entertainment i.e. printing cards, buying favors, arranging customized décor for theme weddings and kick-starting celebrations with an engagement, pre-wedding shower, unique wedding hall décor and grand receptions, which too, is more than acceptable and depends entirely on the preferences of the couple, their budget and their fondness to do so.

2. Most American Wedding planning is initiated after the marriage proposal has been made and the parents informed of the couple’s decision to get engaged/or having got engaged so typically family (or even the couple themselves) may host a an engagement party. Typical eats at the engagement party include cocktails and starters but if the couple have a limited budget, sometimes more invites are sent out for the engagement party and lesser, more intimately acquainted guests invited to the wedding, which is usually a more expensive affair.

3. Most American Weddings have the customary bridal shower (hen’s party) hosted by the maid of honor and the bridesmaids, chosen by the bride herself while the groom is invited to a bachelor party arranged by his pals with lots of drinks and dancing.

4. Rehearsal dinners, ceremonies and presents are part of the pre-wedding planning, which can also be given over to a professional agency to take the load off the couple and their family, a popular custom in modern day American weddings.