Wedding Accessories

When it comes to planning your big, fat American wedding, there’s a lot you can learn from reading wedding planning guides, including what makes for essential wedding accessories!

We present some essential Wedding accessories for you in this article; take a look at what you need for making your big day special and unforgettable – for the right reasons, of course!

Generally speaking, most brides concentrate on their gowns for achieving the perfect blushing bride look, but there are other accessories that can be invested in – if your budget allows – for putting together the image of picture perfect brides. If this is truly your heart’s desire, and we do agree that for most girls, it is their wedding day that is most important and they want to look their best thus make all out efforts to achieve that look, but complementary wedding accessories apart from the wedding gown make for the perfect look – so listen up, gals!

A wedding gown without the right accessories, such as stockings, veil, jewelry etc. would look bare and detract from the complete look every blushing bride aspires to having on her wedding day; so take note of what’s hot and what’s not this wedding season to get the formula for fantastic weddings right!

Here’s the cue: take time out to think about the kind of wedding gown you have and what kind of
veil will complement it best – a ring and a cord kind, the ones that can be mounted on tiaras, those falling in layers or those with edges and even semi-precious stones etc. are in vogue. Moreover, if you are planning a traditional wedding, then a long trail would look great with your gown or else you can opt for a shorter, shoulder length flyaway variety that modern brides prefer!

As far as footwear and stockings are concerned, these need to match perfectly to give that complete look so try and budget for silk stockings with silk shoes or velvet shoes, which are also elegant and soft to wear. Those with embellishments of beads, sequins and crystals make for great eye-catching foot accessories – so give it a thought, do! Whatever type of shoe you choose, make sure the pair is comfortable as you will be on your feet for long time on your wedding day.

Take close note of the kind of jewelry you intend wearing on your wedding day for this needs to complement your dress: neck-pieces, earrings, rings and bracelets make for the basic jewelry most brides like to wear. You can have a tiara also or add on some family heirloom piece, if you like. Another option is to go floral – e.g. floral head-band/ half crown arrangement for your hair and another on the wrist!

Don’t forget your gloves if you’re wearing a strapless/sleeveless gown as short sleeves demand long gloves to add a touch of sophistication to any formal attire. Also invest in a classy handbag – one that you can use even after the wedding ceremony is over so you’re not lugged with the expense of an obscenely priced one; consider a clutch bag or a small shoulder bag.

In the end, remember the devil is in the details so don’t let him ruin your Big Day and pay attention to small details for every piece of wedding accessory to ensure it complements your wedding theme – and your personality!