Wedding Dresses

How To Select The Perfect Wedding Dress

Get gorgeous on your wedding day by choosing the perfect wedding gown for yourself and going in for trials to make sure you have the right cut and fit to complement your figure and personality!

You rock, woman – and so should your wedding dress because you want to look your best on your wedding day, which is the most special day in any woman’s life! You want to knock your husband’s eyeballs out and don’t mind the guests admiring glances either – so what do you do?

You get yourself a comfortable pair of walking shoes and scour the market for the perfect wedding dress – that’s what you do to be knockout bride! Here are some tips on knowing how to get your hands and your delectable body into the perfect wedding gown for yourself – take a look and look your best! We wish you all the best!

First and foremost, women getting ready to tie the knot have to understand that stinting on heir
wedding gown is in no way contributing to the wedding budget so scrimping is out! Of course, this does not mean the opposite either (i.e. break the bank to buy top-of-the-line designer wear you could buy a country house with and which compels you to live on bread and water for the next 5 years)! It means striving for striking a balance between the dress of your dreams and your how much your finances can stretch to, if you do find something that is a little beyond your imagined wedding dress budget!

Most women dream of their wedding day from their teenage years, if not childhood days and so nothing must detract from helping you achieve that dream – white gown, veil et all. Wedding dress and the perfect wedding accessories go a long way in making you feel on top of the world – a feeling we recommend for all brides for it sets the mood for happier times to come as you look back with fond memories of your most special day when you looked a princess!

You needn’t shop with the budget of one to look like one, we reaffirm; brides that are happy to be getting married and comfortable in their dress look their best, photographs reveal. Many make the mistake of going in for a sexy, stylish but entirely ‘not me’ look simply to draw attention to themselves but tight or ill-fitting for the sake of fashion dresses are so ‘not happening!’ This is what brides today need to know – imagine a form-fitting wedding gown that cuts off your circulation: is it really worth it if the gown causes you to faint? Nothing short of embarrassing we say – so avoid this nightmare!

Buying the perfect wedding dress takes time, patience, money and negotiation skills for bargaining if buying from a new boutique or a discount store; the advantage of buying from the latter is that these often stock big labels and designer wear but at half-cost or have off-season sales that offer great catalogue style wedding gowns designed to fit beautifully.

The other alternative is to scour pages of wedding dress magazines and have the local seamstress or tailor shape it according to your body type as every design that looks good on models may not suit average women with womanly bodies. Always try out a number of wedding gowns before settling for the one you feel looks and feels best – try out the famous Vera Wang creations if you want luxurious detailing, intricate craftsmanship and delicate hand-worked details for she’s outfitted celebrity brides like Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman and Mariah Carey so she sure can be trusted with little old you!