Wedding Guest List

When you need to watch how much money that you spend on your wedding the one thing that you might need to do is trim your wedding guest list. This can sometimes be a very hard thing to do, especially if you have a large number of family and friends on both sides of the wedding party who really want to attend your special day.

If the cost per guest is going to be an issue then you’ll have to get ruthless with your trimming; otherwise, you’re going to break your budget in no time. This means that you’ll have to skimp on other wedding items, such as your wedding dress, the food that you serve at your wedding reception, or your honeymoon.

Start by crossing names off your list of guests who you feel might attend only because they feel obligated to come. There are always a few of these people on your wedding guest list you can eliminate right off the bat. These people won’t have their feelings hurt since they will most likely be relieved that they have not been asked to attend. This can include people like coworkers or old friends who you have lost touch with. Think of inviting only family and close friends to help you celebrate your wedding if you need to stick to a tight budget