Maid of Honor Etiquette

The task of selecting the Maid of Honor is one of the most difficult decisions that has to be made by the bride. The complexity is due to the fact that the duties of the Maid are normally not defined and typically poorly addressed. Every bride actually has her own opinion on what how a Maid of Honor should act. However, communicating these ideas are difficult.

The Main of Honor is commonly perceived as a ceremonial figure that walks behind the bride down the aisle before the bridesmaids. In another light, the Maid of Honor can act, as the one that will help calm a nervous bride, helps in sending out invitations, making sure the registry is properly sent, gives tips on the how the wedding gown should look like and acts as the manager of the bridesmaids.

The Maid of Honor can also host the bridal shower or the bachelorette party. To sum it up, the Maid of Honor is the bride’s closest friend or ally in preparing for the wedding and will always be there during times of need and frustration.

The following are certain etiquette in choosing a Maid of Honor to help minimize stress and maximize pleasure.

The Maid of Honor does not have to be a family member.

It is not a requirement to make a sister or a female cousin the Maid of Honor. A best friend who has been there through thick and thin will likely deserve this distinction.

The bride should instruct the Maid of Honor on her responsibilities.

Brides should communicate what they expect from the Maid of Honor such as making a speech during the reception. Open communication between the two should happen frequently.

Choosing more than one Maid of Honor is not illegal.

The bride should make sure that Maids of Honor have different responsibilities in order to avoid jealousy between them.

The Maid of Honor needs to attend all-wedding activities such as showers and parties for the bride. She will also be tasked to plan and be financially responsible for any bachelorette party and assist in organizing invitations and always be open for favors.

The Maid of Honor’s emotional support is one her integral responsibilities. As the so-called “maid” she is expected to give her full attention to the bride during the wedding day. She should also make sure that the bride is looking almost perfect before they troop down the aisle and constantly check on her condition during the middle and end of the ceremonies up until the start of the reception.

Upon choosing the Maid of Honor, she should be treated out by the bride to a nice dinner or spa to make her feel she is a very important part of the wedding. The Maid of Honor could have a dress designed differently from the other bridesmaids to make her stand out in the entourage.

Etiquette also dictates that the Maid of Honor will wear the groom’s ring on her finger in the absence of a ring bearer. She is also part of the group that will decorate the bridal car and help the bride in wearing the bridal dress.

A wedding ceremony adhered to certain etiquette to make the occasion flow seamlessly and
- In a semi-private wedding, groomsmen and bridesmaids are given certain responsibilities in helping the bride and groom during the wedding day.
- The bridesmaids should be younger than the bride and their dresses should match. Bridesmaid dresses can include more ornaments and should be composed of light and graceful material. Flowers should functions as the chief decoration.
- The wedding dress should be simple but can be attached with small jewels or ornaments. The garland and veil should be the most eye-catching.
- Bridesmaids should stay at the bride’s left side during the actual wedding ceremony. The first
bridesmaid should hold the bouquet and gloves.
- Bridesmaids can be positioned from the shortest to the tallest in order to be symmetrical. A bridesmaid and groomsman with similar height can be paired.
- The groomsmen are assigned to guide the clergyman and then show him to the couple. The groomsmen should stand at the groom’s right side during the wedding ceremony.

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Wedding Announcements

Beginning on the day he proposed, there are certain wedding etiquette announcements to be observed. The couple should be aware of these wedding etiquette announcements or else wedding could fall into jeopardy.

There are wedding etiquette announcements to be observed when breaking the news to the parents. First, let the people closest to you know of your plans. The groom must ask the bride’s parents for her hand in marriage. It is traditional that men do wedding etiquette announcements to both families but modern times have changed this. Now, both of them can make the wedding etiquette announcements together personally.

The wedding etiquette announcements for friends can be personally by the couple. They can also plan a party for both their friends and turn it into an engagement party. The couple on this event can choose their maid of honor and best man.

Wedding etiquette announcements for sponsors should be done personally with the help of the parents. The sponsors can be chosen by influence, convenience, prestige, or by relationship. The important thing to remember is to get them to commit in being your sponsors and list them
down in your planner.

The wedding etiquette announcements for wedding details can be overwhelming, which is why most couples hire a wedding coordinator. If your budget can fit in the fee for this person’s services, hire them. It will greatly lift the pressure of planning, organizing and supervising the entire event.

The maid of honor often performs wedding etiquette announcements for the bridal shower. The bridesmaids, mother and other women family members are invited to chip in and join the event. Depending on what they have prepared, the bride can expect something as elegant as a garden tea party or wild as a trip to the local men’s strip joint.

The best man makes the wedding etiquette announcements for the bachelor party or stag party.
Stag parties require little preparation since most parties only require five things: the groom, food, drinks, music and entertainment. The entertainments have wedding etiquette announcements of using either a stripper or just a regular DVD player and watching x-rated movies.

There is a third option of making wedding etiquette announcements for a “couple” shower. Friends of both the bride and groom organize and celebrate this event. The best choice for this is to have a themed party, something with fantasy on it like a masque ball or have it done like Carmen Elektra and her husband Dave of Inxs where it was one big stripper party.

The wedding preparations:

The wedding etiquette announcements for the flowers should be booked months in advance. The same goes for the caterer, the arranger and the musicians. If the couple decides to hire a wedding coordinator, this will be an easier job for them.

The wedding etiquette announcements for the dress fitting is should also be made weeks in advance. Any adjustments to the dress can be done as the wedding date comes closer. For the men, their clothes are classic pieces so it is no problem for the coordinator. However, it is a must that the groomsmen have a neat hair cut prior to the wedding.

The photography and video documentation needs of the couple should be provided by the coordinator. As a rule, wedding etiquette announcements for photo and video coverage of the
wedding can be open to bidders. This way they couple can sample the best work and hire the one they like most at a price that they can handle.

On the wedding event:

Within weeks of the big day, the wedding etiquette announcements for invitations should have already been mailed. Along with it are the wedding etiquette announcements regarding the attire, program, location of the wedding and a map to the reception.

The wedding etiquette announcements for the wedding program at the ceremony is usually printed and given to the guests as they arrive at the church. The couple can skip this if they prefer an informal ceremony.

With the solemnity of church celebration over, it is now time for everyone to relax at the reception. There is still another program in the event but most of it is well-wishes, thanksgiving and entertainment for everyone who attended the wedding.

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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Most couples who are about to get married face the problem of staging a rehearsal dinner because they have no idea of the proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners.

This articles hopes to provide some enlightenment to the couple regarding the proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinner. Enumerated below are some of the usual questions that couples ask regarding the proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners.

Though rehearsal dinner planning is making couples go crazy, they need not worry, a few rules to observe is all they need before actually staging the rehearsal dinners.

The Guest List

Couples must remember that there are really no rules involved in staging a rehearsal dinner. The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners is as plain as the wedding day itself.

Firstly, the proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners suggests that the couple choose wisely and pick out the members of their guest list. It is really up to them who they will invite.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners really has no restrictions as to how many the guests are. It can be simple as the couple only, can include their immediate families, and also those guests at their wedding party with their spouses or their significant others.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners also has no regulations on what a couple intends to lay-out a motif or theme for their rehearsal dinner. Either they make it a bash or they can invite all their out-of-town guests.

A rehearsal dinner is a very good chance or opportunity to be able to maximize what quality time that you have with your visiting friends and your relatives. Proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners suggest this as the most proper time to be able to chat with your friends and relatives, unlike the wedding day itself, rehearsal dinners give the couples more relaxing and quiet time.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners also advises couples not to worry about not having the proper surprise for them. The guests usually do not go to the actual ceremony rehearsal. The ceremony is usually for the wedding party and their parents.

The Fiance's Family

Sometimes, the family of a fiancé has no idea that they are supposedly hosting the rehearsal dinner. Usually the parents can not afford all of it and still suggest the couple invite everyone to go to a catered party.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners are usually recommending that the family of the fiancé shoulder all the expense for the rehearsal dinner. Most people are ignorant of this rule, however, they should be properly notified of this proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners also tells us that it is not advisable not to invite the families. The couple must note that no matter who or what they are, they are still the fiancé’s parents and will soon near enough be the in-laws.

No matter what they have done or they act. A couple must remind themselves to start off on the correct foot by giving out invitation to the fiance's family. Trouble might brew if they will not be included in the rehearsal dinner.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners suggest that though the fiance's parents does not realize that they are the ones who should be hosting the rehearsal dinner, its up to the couple to bring the subject up.

The couple can always opt to host the dinner themselves. The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners can remind them that the rehearsal dinner does not have to be a big rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner can be as big as a take home pizza party or simple grilling burgers at the backyard.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners reminds couples to look at the situation as a possible way to kick back just before the wedding. The couple must instead concentrate on the family, on each other and the wedding party.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners also can be said that rehearsal dinners are a good time to present the guests with the thank you gifts.

Instead on dwelling on what the parents might do during the rehearsal dinner, the couple must instead be happy that at this very special moment of their life, their families are together.

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Second Wedding

There are instances of second weddings and for these times, second wedding etiquette will asked to be observed by the couple. It entirely depends on whose experience is complicated by matters of the former wedding.

Before the wedding:

It is a second wedding etiquette to acknowledge the former wife or husband. If the relationship is amiable, announcing the engagement is best done over dinner. Second wedding etiquette requires a courtesy to be extended to the former legal partner.

If the previous relationship is not so good, the future bride or groom should inform them of their
intentions through the telephone. Some second wedding etiquette can also be extended to the
former partner’s family, if they are very close.

If the couple has children to think about, it is second wedding etiquette to inform them of their decision. Regardless of their children’s protests, this should not be skipped or done at the last minute. Children have a longer time to adjust and accept certain realities. One of them is the thought of having a new mom or dad.

Therefore, a second wedding etiquette requires mom and dad to make their engagement known
to the children first. If the relationship is good between the kids and the new mom or dad, they
will respect their parent’s wishes and support their union.

The wedding details:

Having gone through the entire wedding process before, this will be easier to handle the second
time around. The couple should remember the second wedding etiquette of holding a smaller
event and inviting only their close friends and family. It is rude to ask for the former partner to
attend but if there is no problem, they can do so.

The couple can discuss second wedding etiquette regarding the budget for the wedding. It is normal that expenses are shared. The question of who will pay for what can be decided among the bride and groom privately.

For most second weddings, a lot of them prefer to celebrate out of town. Perhaps because of their higher disposable income, they now have the luxury to have the wedding in a foreign place. Second wedding etiquette is much the same as the first wedding which considers the guests and who can afford to travel that far, like Hawaii, for the event.

The wedding location and reception:

As a rule, second wedding etiquette requires the bride and groom to not celebrate their marriage in a place reminiscent of the past relationships. Second weddings are sensitive occasions for both parties since there is an unspoken expectation from the partner regarding the first marriage.

Choosing the theme, the wedding location and where the reception will be held is a matter for both parties to discuss. The locations should be accessible to the family and guests. Regarding the color of the dress, it is all right for the bride to wear a white wedding gown. The groom and groomsmen can wear a tuxedo. For a second wedding etiquette, you can still pretty much follow the traditional color palette.

The couple as a second wedding etiquette should also provide for the transportation of everyone. It is allowed to ask beforehand who will bring a car so that the number of rented automobiles can be estimated. Doing so will save the couple money and time.

Second wedding as a family affair:
Not all second weddings are about building new families. The second wedding etiquette can be used to celebrate a renewal of vows to each other. This is usually done to mark a marriage’s longevity like the 25th year or the 50th year anniversary.

Weddings like this are more private and solemn than the first wedding and perhaps more joyous. Reaffirming one’s vow made to their wife or husband is such a beautiful thing. The second wedding etiquette for the couple is to invite their closest friends and family to the event and keep it as simple as possible.

For guests:

It is proper second wedding etiquette to bring a gift for the couple. Though using a bridal registry is optional, second wedding gifts are often those that the couple can appreciate and use. Money is still accepted and the second wedding etiquette of handing the envelopes to the family
members is still practiced.

The rules for second wedding etiquette are not at all hard to follow. All the couple has to do is be considerate of the other’s feelings and decisions in whatever part of the wedding. And as a second wedding etiquette rule, the honeymoon should be as sweet, if not sweeter, than the first wedding.

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Small Wedding

An elegant small wedding is one of the most beautiful weddings that can be organized. The budget is not too high, the attendees are all relaxed and will likely have a good time and nuances such as children running around and making noise will be avoided. A wedding without too much frills makes sure that the love between the couple is the focus of the ceremony.

Etiquette in a small wedding

Attire: Guests are only advised to wear clothes comfortable to them. A dress from a closet selection, a white one or even a sundress is appropriate for a small wedding. A bridesmaid can wear a white dress or even a pantsuit. The groom can go for khakis, or even jeans paired with a shirt and a sport coat.

Setting: A small wedding can be held in a community center, a local park or even your parents’ backyard. Holding ceremonies in a unique location such as a rooftop, a barn, an art gallery can clearly speak about the personalities of the couple.

Invitations: Invitations in a small wedding can be handwritten on handmade paper. Send them like writing a note to a close friend. It is important to note that attendees should be in casual attire.

Flowers: Simple bulbs such as hyacinths or tulips can serve as alternatives for floral flower arrangements. Using these will generate huge savings for the couple. Gerber diaries inserted in a flat container filled with wheat grass can serve as an attractive centerpiece.

Menu: The menu of a small wedding can be very diverse. A party can be set a few months before the wedding and the guests can be asked to bring their favorite recipes. The couple can choose their favorites and use them as wedding food. It is also good to acknowledge whose recipe it is by putting a label in front of every dish. Besides a party, a barbeque or picnic fare can be held.

Registry: Common retail stores such as Sears or Target can be used as gift registries. Couples can specify what they want to receive in order to avoid the usual gift of expensive China that will likely collect dust in a cabinet.

Costs, costs, costs
Tradition dictates that the bride’s parents are responsible for paying off the wedding regardless if it is small or big. However, expenses have become an issue due to the challenging times. The etiquette in requesting for money is by gathering both families and discussing how to share in the wedding expenses, as the couple will unlikely have enough to cover all of their needs.

The budget will be a major basis on what type of wedding will be held. The couple needs to meet with everyone who will be attending. However, the couple cannot force their parents to shell out money that is not available.

Couples can make various compromises if their budget falls short. For example, less expensive rings can be used. A more expensive replacement can be acquired in the future. Some couples do not even have wedding rings at all. Those living in a nice climate can have the reception at home and hire catering services. To help control costs, a butler can be tasked to pass around hors d’ oeuvres and refreshments.

The parents of the groom traditionally pay for the following items:

Boutonnieres for groom's attendants
The bride's bouquet
Officiate fee or donation
Rehearsal Dinner
Lodging and transportation expenses of the rabbi or minister
Corsages for every family member
Transportation of the Groom and Best Man going to the wedding

Giving tips is a nice way of rewarding those that have given good service but it is not a requirement. A tip given to a minister can be seen as a gift for marrying the couple. Tips can be given to servers, drivers and musicians but still, this is not a requirement.

The etiquette in service fees
Couples should make sure that they are comfortable with the people that are helping in the wedding whether it is the wedding experts, the photographer and even the florists. They should share the same vision on how the wedding should come out and not merely focus on how much money will spent.

A couple may receive possibly the lowest price but if the rendered service does not meet what was promised, the value is useless, even if it is a small wedding.

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Wedding Thank You Notes

After the wedding is over and the hot steamy honey moon is almost done, you will have to pause and think about the people who showed up to your wedding day.

Thinking of those people will never be sufficient. Adhering to wedding etiquettes, you should appreciate them and show your appreciation through a material token.

That is where thank you notes come into the picture. Wedding experts and society or lifestyle gurus advise married couples to send out tokens of appreciation or simple thank you notes to their wedding guests at least two weeks after the event.

Thank you notes should or must be sent especially for those friends or guests who showed up with wedding gifts. Wedding etiquette will also have you send thank you notes to people who were not able to come to the wedding, but sent in their gifts, or even to people you have invited but did not show up at all and did not even bother to buy you any gift.

To outdo wedding etiquettes, it would be better if the couple will send out personalized thank you notes. If it would not be too expensive, thank you notes bearing pictures of the couple with the particular guest would be a really, really good gesture of sincere appreciation.

It is not against wedding etiquettes to buy thank you note templates, but be sure to personalize it by adding your personal hand written notes of appreciation. Some couples also prepare thank you notes along with wedding invitations to save time and money.

When you opt to do this, just be sure you order enough or plenty of extra copies to so you will never run out in case too many people show up.

Etiquette when writing thank you notes

A couple of do’s and don’ts will help you get away from troubles that may arise in writing wedding thank you notes. It is not enough that you show up efforts to sincerely thank and appreciate the presence and gifts accorded to your romantic wedding.

Wedding etiquettes have it that thank you notes should be written appropriately. Even the paper used for the notes should be written on white or ivory-colored paper. Some couple prefer to have their thank you notes monogrammed, but others feel its just okay if everything is handwritten.

Here are some guidelines that adhere to wedding etiquettes when it comes to sending out thank
you notes:

- Remember to send thank you notes to relatives and people who coordinated showers and parties for the both of you. It would be okay if you thank them for the efforts within the same card sent to them for their gifts.

- Wedding etiquettes suggest that you appreciate each gift you have received. That means each and every gift should be recognized through its own thank you note. If a person sent you two gifts, for example, send two thank you notes for each gift. The same treatment should be given to gifts received during the shower or even stag party.

- Advanced wedding gifts or gifts that arrived before the wedding you must be immediately responded to so you will never have the chance to forget sending out thank you notes for them.

- It might be time and money saving, but it is not advisable to send out preprinted thank you notes. Sending preprinted cards will give the person receiving the thank you note the impression that his or her effort or gift was not totally appreciated.

- Personalize your thank you note by handwriting the message. Warm but short thank you notes are better than longer but non-personalized or insincere notes.

- Write your thank you note message in blue or black ink. It is for the simple reason that the colors are far more readable.

- It is in accordance to proper wedding etiquettes that you put or include your new return address on every thank you note you have sent. The recipients will greatly appreciate the gesture if he or she is informed or posted of your new and correct address.

- Never start the thank you note with the pronoun “I.” To create a good and lasting impression use “You” as often throughout the note instead of “I” or “me.”

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Wedding Gift Etiquette

There are a wide variety of wedding gifts which can be presented to a couple which is newly betrothed or a newly wedded couple depending upon their need or the choice of the guest. A gift is the representation of affection and love and concern towards love. It is a custom being followed by people all around the world.

According to wedding etiquettes, all the people who are officially sent an invite are obliged to offer a gift to the couple irrespective of them attending the wedding or not. There is an exception here, people who stay far away or those who are not very close to the couple need not send in
gifts to the couple.

A guest, who has been requested to attend the ceremony, has to gift the couple. But he/she is expelled from this obligation if they cannot make it to the event. However, a close friend or a family member will generally send some gift even if not able to attend the ceremony.

Gifts for engagements are not obligatory but have started gaining importance in many regions around the world.

There is a great deal of things which can be gifted to a couple on their wedding. It ranges from gift certificates to gardening tools, camping equipments to expensive china and also household appliances. The gift registry of the couple may also prove very useful in this regard. However, registry information should not be contained in the invitation and must be spread informally. The new trend which is gaining popularity is the action of couples in registering with a couple of retail stores or travel agents or online shops.

Mentioning about the gift registry in the invitation is not a great idea at all since it would not impress many of the guests. The people who are invited ought to get the choice to gift a couple on their wedding. Many times, the most loved and treasured gifts are those which turn out to be a pleasant surprise to the couple.

Gifts which would be sent post wedding are to be sent to the address of the couple’s new home or to the place of the bride’s parents. And in case you are planning to send the gift before marriage, you are supposed to send it to the bride’s residence. Guests may also choose to send the gift to the couple soon after they receive an invite. This saves the couple from getting tensed about moving the gifts after the reception.

On receiving a gift, the couple should make sure that they send a note of thanks to the sender soon after receiving the gift or within four months from the date of marriage. This is the appropriate etiquette to be followed when presents are received.

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