Cash Gift Wedding Etiquette

There are a number of basic etiquettes which need to be followed for every move made during a wedding right from the dress to gifting to tipping. Here is a list of all the key points which need to be considered if you have decided to give cash as a present to the newly married couple.

Cash Gifting Principle 1
If a person invited for the wedding, cannot attend the wedding, he/she is not obliged to send any present and more precisely, cash gifts. However, wedding etiquette calls for the person to send a note of congratulation to the bridegroom or to the couple or a best wishes note has to be conveyed to the bride.

Cash Gifting Principle 2
The gift that you are planning to give, cash or kind may be forwarded to the bride’s house or the groom’s house if you are planning to send it before the date of the wedding. And in case you are planning to send the gift after the wedding, it must be sent to the new house of the couple within one year from the date of marriage. This would decrease the encumbrance of the couple. Cash gift is very suitable in such cases as it can be easily delivered and does need the couple to spend on transportation. Another thing is that, cash gifts would help the couple as they can use it as a form of saving till they stabilize with their lives.

Cash Gifting Principle 3
Cash present is considered ideal as it helps the newly wedded couple in a variety of ways. This cash may help the couple in getting stabilized in their lives in the initial stages post marriage. Expenses after marriage tend to be more as the couple has to pay for their apartment, get groceries and toiletries, purchase furniture and other appliances needed for the new home etc. They may also need money for many other purposes. Thus, we can safely conclude that cash presents do not defy wedding etiquettes.

Cash Gifting Principle 4
The next principle to be followed is concerned with the amount of cash which is ideal to be gifted. There is no fixed amount which can be termed the right amount of cash to be gifted. You can gift any amount according to your budget. However, the guest’s conveyance cannot be given as a gift to the newly married couple.

Cash Gifting Principle 5
Wedding registry does not oblige the guest to get the couple a gift from among it. In other words, it does not stop the guest from gifting cash. It is totally according to the wishes of the guest to decide what he likes to gift. Now that the cash gifting etiquette for the guests has been discussed, we can proceed with the etiquettes which the couple needs to follow.

Wedding Etiquette On Gifts For The Couple
It is totally opposed to wedding etiquettes for a couple to ask for cash as gift for their wedding in any form. It is considered unpleasant to ask a guest for present in the form of cash to pay off mortgages or to fund for the honeymoon or for charitable purposes. It is considered unethical. Asking for a present directly or indirectly makes the bride or the groom or the couple look selfish
and mean even if it is for a good cause like charity. This would often make the guest less liberal. It is necessary for the couple to send a note thanking the guest for the gift given by them whether in cash or kind. However, the decision to give gift of cash totally relies on the guest and
the couple should never ask for a gift in cash.