Wedding Guest Outfit

Wedding Guest Outfit

There is a unique style that can be followed for every other wedding you attend depending on the location, the time and the season. If the invitation is addressed formally, it implies that the guests are required to dress formally for the occasion. On the other hand, a casual invite suggests that the guests can dress casually for the wedding.

For selecting what to wear, the wedding location can be of great help. For a beach wedding or a wedding in a lawn, steer clear of high heels as they tend to sink in the sand and the grass respectively. For an outdoor wedding, very light dresses have to be shunned as they tend to get caught with the wind. A subtle dress can be worn for a wedding at a warm and humid location. However, if the wedding is to take place at a club or a five-star restaurant, you can prefer being
wearing a tailored suit or any other dressy outfit.

Outfits For The Sunshine Wedding

For the 40+ women
1. A nice fitted skirt with a sweater and sling back shoes.
2. A suit in a subtle color which is not too formal.
3. A dress with a nice floral pattern.
4. A striking hat which would go well with the outfit and would compliment it.

For the 40+ men
1. A linen or seersucker suit in a light color is the most apt outfit for a summer wedding.
2. For winter weddings, go for darker shades and warmer fabrics. Woolen suits, charcoal pants,
ties and a sweater beneath the blazer are a nice option.
3. A blazer together with a dress shirt, pants and a tie is another elegant option.
4. If the wedding is before 6pm, a tuxedo can be adorned.
5. For a wedding which is formal, a dark colored suit is the best bet.


For the 40+ women
1. Dressing for an evening wedding should be similar to the way we dress for a theatre or
2. An elegant and not so revealing cocktail number in black is an excellent option.
3. A dressy cocktail suit is also a safe bet.
4. Sequins and beads are to be avoided if the wedding is a formal one.
5. Darker colors would help present your self in a more sophisticated way.

For the 40+ men
1. For a semi-formal or casual wedding, slacks coupled with blazer and a matching tie can be
2. Suits in dark colors are always accepted and most preferred.

For the 40+ women
1. A gorgeous cocktail dress touching the floor.
For the 40+ men
1. The dress should be really formal.
2. Tuxedo is the best option for such an occasion.