Overnight Wedding Reception Idea

While weddings make for great events for everyone who’s got an invite, those planning an overnight wedding reception have a whole lot of factors to take care of and organizing it all smoothly is nothing short of a Herculean task.

To help you with your overnight wedding reception, we have some great, interesting and practical ideas for you to plan, manage and host the most fantastic overnight wedding reception your guests could have hoped for! Depending on the kind of guests you plan on inviting and the number of people who have confirmed their attendance to your big day, you can move ahead with confirming a place for the best overnight lodging arrangements you can afford (within your wedding budget for this – you may need to be a bit flexible if you leave it for too close to the wedding date or in a particularly demanding wedding season).

If you have always dreamed of a grand, sophisticated and different sort of a wedding and can afford to host the guests in overnight accommodation, especially welcomed by those who travel from different parts of the country or sometimes even across continents to attend your special occasion, then planning celebrations that cover day and night events is a great way to liven up the proceedings!

You can bet there will be a lot of excitement and thrills in the eventual wedding reception party but nothing beats the fun and frolic surrounding super long receptions that go well past the night and way into the morning.

To keep guests occupied in happy festivities and boredom at bay, you need to pay special attention to not only comfortable lodging arrangements with adequate facilities for grooming and board, but also transportation to and from the wedding venue, a list of fun activities and drinks to round it all off with some dancing!

Weddings are looked upon by many as being the perfect occasions to party and let one’s hair down while also meet other eligible potential partners (this one’s for the singletons) or catch up with old friends and family so planning activities around the common interests of most guests is a great way to ensure your overnight wedding reception is met with cheers, not doubt!

Typically, most people who extend wedding celebrations over a day into the night and possibly over another day keep the wedding ceremony planned for the day time or early evening, followed by reception party and then dancing, partying and lots of great eats so everyone’s ready to crash by the wee hours of the morning and hardly pay attention to the lodging arrangements. This is good in a way for those arranging budget-wedding reception lodging for all their guests as guests are likely to be over the heads if they are a young lot; however, for more mature guests such as senior citizens invited to an overnight wedding reception, comfort and safety factors must not be ignored.

It is important for all the guests to be entertained through the time of the wedding ceremony, reception and till past breakfast the next day so they are confident of having a good time and feel they have got the privileges they rightly deserve for sticking through the various events with you.