Wedding Photo Ideas

It is a well-known fact that great photographs, especially candid shots capturing spontaneous moments in life, make for great memories. We bring you some tips on capturing fun moments for your Wedding Album – so take a look before you start clicking!!

This article is aimed at helping all potential brides and grooms and even their support groups (such as best-man, maid of honor, bridesmaids and friends etc. who’d love to record happy, candid shots of the main couple in a carefree, fun light) to click and get memorable shots on their wedding day!

Everyone agrees that photographs form an integral part of any celebration and when the occasion in question is your wedding, the need for capturing special moments from your Big Day is realized all the more. So, as is the case with all brides and grooms – they are too taken up with the excitement coupled with nerves and dreams of a rosy tomorrow to bother with things like posing for shoots (some even find it cumbersome to sit through hours of studio poses) – this just may be delegated to support groups, such as friends and family members. To help re-live special moments from the Wedding Day, nothing serves the purpose as well as great wedding pictures and a specially nice or interesting shot makes for a great wedding gift if framed well too, so think about it!

One great idea for wedding pictures to turn out right is to give it a prom-like twist: click away like crazy like one would do for the high school party so every entry gets photographed, but against the wedding backdrop so the theme idea is centrally maintained as a constant in all the snaps.

One can hire a professional photographer to do the job or delegate it to a family member; using a Polaroid camera makes for instant fun and captures spontaneous expressions in an easy way or else, you can consider using a disposable camera.

If you are particular about the quality of photographs and minimizing wastage of film and want to save time of changing films/batteries etc. you can opt for using a Digital i.e. a digital camera that allows you to store hundreds of pictures and then choose only the best ones to commit to print.

The photo shoot not only makes for a great way to keep everyone involved while the bride and groom get ready for the wedding but also makes the guests feel important, which makes for a happy atmosphere all around – a welcome idea, we say!

Another great idea for fun wedding snaps is to make a scrapbook of special moments or groups of people that are close to the bride and groom; alternately, one can choose to make a collage (collection of pictures, casually arranged next to each other to give an integrated poster-like look that is both aesthetic and creative) so the happy couple can go down memory lane by simply flipping pages or taking a peek at this collage.

Pre-made web site templates where you can upload the best wedding photos are another fun way to gift the bride and groom something different and special that is close to their heart and reminds them of their special day, so perhaps a personalized wedding website filled with special snaps is the way to go for the next wedding you are invited to!