Plan Inexpensive Weddings

How to Plan Inexpensive Weddings

Budget plays an important role in any wedding day celebration. Since couples do not want to spend the first golden phase of their married life paying off debts, they would like to cut the costs of wedding celebrations as much as possible. Here are some tips to plan an inexpensive wedding.

Each girl has her own idea of an ideal wedding. Her wedding dreams might have derived inspiration from fairy tales that have a rosy ending. Girls visualize flowers, laces, and ribbons on
their wedding day.

However, when faced with the challenges of reality, a girl might get practical. She does not reject her ideas of an ideal wedding; simultaneously, she also takes into consideration other factors such as budget, latest styles, trends, and decorations. Cost plays a major role in any wedding celebration plans.

A newly married couple definitely wouldn't want to spend the first phase of their wedded life paying off debts incurred at their wedding. Therefore, the bride and the groom should pay special attention to the wedding budget and stick to it.

Here are some cost-cutting ideas for you in order to have an inexpensive wedding:

Personalize Your Wedding
If you personalize your wedding decorations, you will not only make your wedding day unique, but also cut down the cost. For instance, if one of the couple is a professional photographer, they could use their own photographs to create the theme of their reception. The photos could be even be incorporated into the wedding invitations.

Rent the Decoration
You will never again get the chance of using the decorations you have used on your wedding day. So, why purchase them? Instead, consider renting items of decoration such as the arc ways, the vases, and the artificial flowers. Renting them, instead of purchasing them, will cut down the cost of your wedding celebration considerably.

Make Separate Arrangements for Kids
Wedding receptions usually bore children. You can arrange a separate corner for the children
so that they can have fun by themselves.

If you want to show that your wedding is not just the union of the bride and the groom, but also of their families, you can even customize the wedding rites to match this thought. You could arrange things in such a way that bride's and the groom's children by previous marriages and also the couples' families can participate in a special rite of union.

Obtain the Food from Culinary Schools
You could request culinary schools to provide the food for your wedding reception. You will then have to pay only for the food. Alternatively, you could arrange for a pot luck dinner where friends and family members contribute a dish each.

Keep the Guest List Small
If you want to cut down the cost of your reception, you can invite lesser people to it. Instead, you can invite more people for your engagement party. This way you can cut the cost because only hors d'oeuvres and cocktails are served at engagement parties. On the other hand, the luncheons or dinners of a wedding reception cost more.

Music at Low Cost
For music, you could request a DJ or a local college band. Or, you could just download your favorite songs from the Internet, burn them into a CD, and play them over a loudspeaker during your wedding reception.

Sharing Costs
If another couple is planning to celebrate their wedding on the same day, you can share the cost of decorating the church. The same decorations could be used for both ceremonies, instead of changing the decorations.

Spending too much on a wedding is not at all a great idea. Marriage is not just a party; it is the union of two people. Don't , arrange a reception to just to please your guests. They are supposed to share in your joy, not criticize the arrangements you have made for the celebration.