Wedding Invitation Wording

Word Your Wedding Invitation With Care
Words are of utmost importance, especially when they are set down on a wedding invite. The wedding invitation wordings you use on your wedding invite should accentuate its purpose, not destroy it. Besides, it should conform with the ethical standards of polite society.

Art is of immense importance in our lives. It finds its way into each and every aspect of our life and lends grace and beauty to it. One of the places where art plays an important role is within the wordings of a wedding invitation. Since a wedding invitation is a symbol of the glorious celebration of union that is to take place soon, words should be used with care when you create your wedding invite.

Many times, a couple has absolutely no control over the words on their wedding invitation. This happens, for example, when someone else is meeting the expenses of the wedding. In many cases, a combination of words might mean several things. The wrong choice of words on a wedding invite might lead to misunderstand due to misinterpretation among the wedding guests. As far as possible, words can create a misunderstanding should be avoided in a wedding invitation.

The wordings on a wedding invite should be concise and clear. They should give no scope for any confusion whatsoever. First and foremost, the words on your invite must clearly state all the important details of your wedding such as the location, date, and time.

Second, your guests should know, through the words on your wedding invite, which aspect of your wedding celebration they are invited for. When they receive a wedding invite, many guests take it for granted that they are invited for the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. This need not always be the case, and you should make this point clear in your wedding invite.

Some couples invite only a small section of their contacts for the wedding ceremony. This is because the couple might wish to be married in private with only a few family members and friends for company. They will not desire the presence of colleagues and neighbors under such circumstances. If this is the case with you, make sure that the words on your wedding invite state clearly that the invitation is only for the wedding reception and not for the wedding ceremony. Otherwise, you can invite people for both the reception and the ceremony. It all depends on your choice.

You should also consider the venue of the wedding when you decide the words that go on your wedding invite. If you are getting married in your house, make the words informal while maintaining a respectful, solemn tone.

To put it in a nutshell, see that the words on your wedding invititation conform to the ethics and standards set by society. If the words on your wedding invite are flowery, but does not state the most important details of your wedding celebration, the wedding invitation will lose its intended purpose.