Wedding Planning Checklist

How to Plan Your Wedding Celebrations
Making plans for your celebration can be a daunting task. The tiniest details have to be taken care of. Here are some tips on how to plan your wedding celebrations.

Planning your wedding celebrations can be the toughest task you have ever undertaken.
Tensions mount as the important day draws closer, and most couples worry a lot about whether
everything will take place as planned.

Create a wedding checklist; make use of the following tips.

Agree on Important Aspects of Your Wedding
Couple have to discuss their respective ideas of an ideal wedding before it takes place. What comprises an ideal wedding for one need not be an ideal wedding for the other. To prevent any misunderstanding or heartbreak, couples have to discuss issues related to venue, reception, ceremony, the number of invitees, and the wedding entertainment.

Before making any plans, coming to a consensus about important details such as the list of invitees is very important. Do you want your wedding to be a very informal, casual celebration to which only friends and family members are welcome? Or would you like a wedding on a grand scale to which you will have to invite half the locality, half-forgotten relatives, high school friends
and so on? Discuss these questions with your partner.

Fix a Budget
Before you begin planning for your wedding, agree on a wedding budget. Only then will you be able to plan the tiniest details of your wedding celebrations.

Set a Date
One of the first aspects of planning a wedding includes fixing an appropriate date. This tiny detail has to be taken care of right at the beginning. Set a convenient date for your wedding according to the availability of a suitable venue as well as the availability of family members and friends.

Book a Suitable Venue
If your wedding budget is low, you could try booking a venue at a discount. Certain wedding venues offer a discount when it is not the season for marriages. For example, you can get a venue at a discount rate immediately after the vacations. Not many people get married during that time, so the prices are low as the demand for venues is not high. The time of the wedding is also important. Evening weddings are costlier than morning or noon receptions.
Make sure that the venue you have chosen is enough to seat all the guests you plan to invite.

Hire Professionals
Hire a professional photographer to take the photographs. Granted that your friends can take great pictures, and anyway, a lot of them possess a camcorder. But you want this great event captured by a professional who will be able to present it in a really special manner, something you can treasure for the rest of your life together and share with your friends, family, and later,
your children.

Choose the Cake
Pay attention to the wedding cake. Having a cake tasting session before you order your cake is a great idea. You can even invite your family and friends to the cake tasting event. In this way, you can ensure a lot of fun for your loved ones.

Printing the Wedding Invitations
There are two ways to take care of your wedding invitations: purchase the services of a professional to design and print them or create and print them yourself.

Shop for Your Wedding Dress
Start shopping for wedding gowns and tuxedos well in advance. This will give you ample time to choose your wedding dress well. Besides, if you have any problems with the dress, there will be ample time to get the alterations done.

If you are busy with your careers and have no time to plan a wedding and look into its finer details, you can simply purchase the services of a wedding planner who will plan the entire event and organize it according to your taste.