Wedding Programs

A wedding program greatly enhances the charm of your wedding celebrations. It also makes your guests feel at home and involved in the celebration. Here is something more about wedding programs.

Your married life begins with your wedding ceremony. You can have either a civil or a religious ceremony at any venue such as a garden, beach, the city hall, or the local church. The latest fashion is to get married online, a practice known as "online wedding."

A wedding comprises a number of traditions beginning with the bridal march to the wedding reception. Of course, you can alter these traditions to suit your taste and make your wedding a unique event. A wedding ceremony program, which describes all the events your wedding comprises, involves your guests in your wedding day celebration and makes them feel comfortable.

A wedding ceremony program or a church program or the "order of worship" or ceremony program is just a customized book that guides guests about the various events of a wedding ceremony. Its functions are similar to those of a concert or a drama program. A wedding program:

Describes the various events of the wedding celebrations and gives the guests relevant information about the order in which the events are to take place and the details regarding these events

Not only makes guests aware of what is happening, but also make them feel involved in your ceremony instead of being mute spectators

Honor and introduce the sponsors, the bridal party, and the other participants of the ceremony

Serve as a memento of the wedding for everybody present if they are beautifully designed

Gives couples something to include in their scrapbook

Wedding programs are not mandatory. However, the presence of one lends a unique overtone to your wedding celebration. You might also need a wedding program if:
- your wedding is a multicultural event and your guests might not be able to understand the ceremony.
- you have invited a lot of guests belonging to a different culture or religion.
- this is a large-scale wedding, and the guests are not acquainted with the bridal party.
- your wedding ceremony and the reception that follows is long.
- your wedding celebrations include a number of people that the newly weds are grateful to.

Usually, wedding programs comprise three sections:

The "introduction" contains the names of the bride and the groom, the date of the wedding, and the time and venue of the ceremony.

The "order of events" contains greetings, poetry, readings, exchange of vows, explanation of traditional and religious rites such as the ring ceremony, the pronouncement of the marriage, the unity candle ceremony, along with the titles of the musical compositions that are to be played. You could also include the names of the singers, readers, and the musicians

The third and the last section, the "acknowledgements," contains the names of those in the bridal party, the name of the priest who married the couple, tributes to those who have passed away, notes of gratitude to parents and those who have supported the couple, a few words from the couple to their guests, and the directions to the reception venue.

The printer who has been hired to work on the wedding invitations can be asked to design and print the wedding program too. A few couples prefer to be creative and prepare a wedding program of their own. While it gives them a chance to exercise their creativity, it helps them save some money too.

A unique wedding program is a tiny detail that can transform your wedding into a memorable event. Whether you have hired a professional to create your wedding program or done it yourself, a wedding program expresses the love and joy you experience as a couple experience on that special day.

*You can also download free wedding programs template on the web