Purchasing a Wedding Ring

Purchasing AWedding Ring

A wedding ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it symbolizes great love and commitment. Besides, you will have to wear your wedding ring as long as you live. So, select your wedding ring with care.

Wedding rings have an ancient history. Couples in ancient Egypt used to exchange rings made of reeds as a symbol of their undying love. The wedding ring comprises the most traditional aspect of a marriage. Being the most important part of a wedding ceremony, it symbolizes a couple's promise to love and honor each other for the rest of their lives.

Modern wedding rings are usually made of precious metals such as gold and platinum. Most couples wear it on the fourth finger of their left hand, also known as the ring finger. The practice of wearing the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is based on the age-old belief that this finger has a direct connection to the heart. A vein, believed to originate in the fourth finger, is believed to lead to the heart. After researching the circulatory system thoroughly, medical scientists have said that there is no truth in this belief. In spite of this, the practice of
wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger prevails although some people have now started wearing their wedding rings on their right hands.

Wedding rings are emblematic of everlasting love and commitment, which is why you should purchase a ring made of top-quality material. Your ring should last as long as your marriage and
that is several years.

Consider the following factors when you go shopping for a wedding ring:

Fix a budget for your ring. If you know the limits of your budget, you can save plenty of time choosing from a collection of rings within that price range.

Wedding rings are made of a variety of material. Determine the type of wedding ring you would like to purchase within your established budget.

The most traditional wedding rings are made of gold. You can purchase a ring of yellow, pink, white, or green gold. Different qualities of gold are also available.

Platinum is the finest, rarest, and purest of all precious metals. In addition, it is strong, heavy, and resistant. Platinum wedding rings are good for daily wear because they are hypoallergenic, resist tarnish, and don't wear off easily. However, platinum is costlier than gold.

Diamond wedding rings are vastly popular because diamonds are the loveliest, hardest, and most expensive gems ever known to humankind. Their dazzling purity, beauty, and durability is symbolic of eternal love. The amount you will have to spend on a diamond, however, depends
on its cut, color, clarity, and weight.

You can also purchase rings of titanium, nickel, silver, tungsten carbide with precious stones
such as ruby, emerald, sapphire, and topaz set in them.

Style and Design
Select the appropriate style and design. Wedding rings are available in a number of designs such as Celtic or Irish, vintage and antique rings, designer rings, custom, traditional, beaded edges, and engraved rings.

Visit a number of stores before you make a purchase. Compare various patterns, designs, materials, qualities, and the price ranges.

Seek the advise of an expert. A jeweler of great repute can give you excellent advice on the purchase of wedding rings. Remember that your wedding ring, while reflecting your character
and personality, should fit comfortably on your finger.

A wedding ring is not just an accessory. It is a traditional symbol of love and commitment. So
purchase your wedding ring with care.