Western Wedding

A western theme can do wonders to your wedding and it’s a great way to make your special day a truly unforgettable one. Everything from the cowboy hats to the brilliant country music would create an amazing ambience and would make all the guests feel at home. It would give a delightful feeling to everyone present and would tempt them to scream “Yee-haw” and party through the night.

A dance hall, barn house or a grange hall are nice options to host a western wedding. For people living in the west, the most apt backdrop would be a mountainous area while back yards and lawns are the other options available.

Catching up with classic western movies is a great way to learn more about the dress to be worn and other etiquettes which have to be followed during the wedding. For the proper Old West feel, a Victorian dress for the bride would do wonders. Denim or lace can be used for a more fashionable look.

Western ornaments may be picked up from flea markets and antique shops by the groomsmen and bridesmaids and may be used as embellishment. The bridegroom can go for bolo ties, hats and cowboy boots. To add to the effect of the theme, a carriage with horses can be rented to leave once the ceremonies are done with. A collection of all time hit western songs can be compiled to be played during the festivities.

Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Randy Travis, Tammy Wynette, Lyle Lovett and Dixie Chicks are some of the all time enjoyable artists. And in case you are ready to burn a hole in your pocket, you can give the collection of songs in a CD to all the guests so that they never forget your special day.

The cuisine must consist of the best western delicacies which can be cooked and served during the event. An open barbecue is a good option as the appetizing smell adds to the effect. Baked potatoes, coleslaw and beans are the best barbecue options.

For the evening, cowgirls and cowboys can unwind and relax with a warm bonfire. Skewers and marshmallows can be toasted on it.