Wedding Guest Etiquette

Many times, people who are invited to weddings end up complaining about the bridegroom and the bride, the outcome of the wedding, the food, the ambience and all other odds. However, people tend to forget that even they have to follow certain codes of conduct while attending a

Some of the wedding decorum which ought to be followed by guests attending the ceremony is as discussed below. These would help you brush up your manners so that you can socialize and grace the occasion in a better way.

Wedding Guest Etiquette suggestion 1: immediate response to the invitation is vital.

It is the duty of the guests to inform the bride or the groom about their presence in the wedding as soon as they receive the invite. This would help the couple in getting rid of a whole deal of tension. Some people are too ignorant to respond to the situation while some turn up without notice while some call up just a couple of days prior to the wedding to inform that they would not
be able to make it to the wedding.

Wedding Etiquette suggestion 1 says that this is totally unfair. Couples are no more asking their fathers to bear the brunt of the wedding. Instead, they are funding their wedding themselves. So, it is the duty of the guest to give correct information regarding their presence on the wedding of the couple so that their money does not get wasted. Couples need to be clear of the exact number of people who would be attending the wedding, so that they can fit all the expenses within their budget in the best way possible and also save money wherever possible. And in case the couple or the bride or the groom have individually added you in the in list for a sit down dinner, they will have to pay for you even if you fail to make it to the wedding.

The above wedding etiquette ought to be followed if you don’t want to be referred to as an uncultured brute. Thus it is very important to acknowledge the invitation from a couple at least two weeks prior to the wedding.

Wedding Guest Etiquette Suggestion 2: make sure you dress suitably!

Even though being fashionable is a good thing, this suggestion calls for you to dress according to the type and location of the wedding. This suggestion comes coon after the suggestion asking you to respond to the invitation because, once you decide to attend a wedding, the next thought in your mind would be deciding what you would wear for the occasion.

This Wedding Etiquette helps you in not looking like an impostor in your best friend’s wedding where everyone else has dressed accordingly.

This suggestion on Wedding Etiquette calls for you to wear the most apt dress for the wedding you are going to attend. Women can go with a pretty cocktail dress or a nice Sunday dress for an informal wedding while men can wear their suit. However, the tie can be forgone. The top button can be left open and the sleeves can be rolled up for a more casual look. Just make sure you steer clear of jeans and tank-tops.

Wedding Guest Etiquette suggestion 3:- greeting the newlyweds:

The newlyweds will really look forward to your greetings as they would like you to feel happy for them. This is a very kind and pleasant attitude. Just make sure you send a “best wishes” note to the bride and/or a “congratulations” note to the bridegroom.