Who Pays for What in a Wedding

Who Pays for what in a Wedding
*Getting a marriage done is not an easy job.
*General custom on who bears the cost .
* Present day etiquette as to who bears the expenses.
*Bride and groom also contribute towards the expenses.
*When parents offer they must not deny.

To get married these present days is not an easy job at all . It has become all expensive and one has to spend much these days. For brides you buy accessories, jewelry, arrange for the wedding coordinator, look out for a makeup artists , and much more. One has to discuss all
these and make sure of the funds or resources.

Before you proceed be sure as to who takes up the expenses of the wedding. Decide and verify
as to who bears the major percentage of the wedding budget.

General custom as to who shells out for the expenses of the wedding.

Wedding practice on who shells out for the expenses has developed since the last century. It is
the general custom that the father of the bride spends for the wedding expenses. This was
practiced during the period when the girls were locked up inside their houses and were not
allowed to go for work or go to schools, but all they had to do is the household work and they
had to learn the lady manners and be well trained as to how to behave after the wedding and on
how to lead a life of married woman.

The daughter will get married to the person with whom her father considers as the best and he
should feel that he would look after his daughter and feed her and take care of her very well
.And thus he would be sending his daughter away to the groom's place , so he makes it a point
host a grand wedding and accepts to pay for the expenses as an indication as to his approval of
the marriage. This is the general style followed .

Present day etiquette as to who bears the expenses.

In our day the etiquette on who sponsors it is not much firm as it was long ago. The groom and
his partner should go on traditional basis and it is advisable to ask the bride's father to host the
party and bear the expenses of the wedding. Or if the parents have decided to co host the
wedding they would let them know before and go accordingly. This is generally if the parents
are well off to sponsor and meet up part of the expenses.

As these days the groom and the bride earn their living there is no harm if they can meet the expenses of the wedding themselves. Some prefer to manage their expenses as they can have a control on number of guests , who to be invited and how the party should be held. Wedding etiquette on who shells out for the wedding is , much set aside and the guests bless the couples and the family members.

Other options of paying.
These days there is an increase cost of living , and the parent might not be in a position to sponsor the whole expenses. It might be beyond the reach of the parents. If the bride and the groom are earning their own living they might offer to pay the whole expenses.

But obviously there are parents who will want to bear a part of the expenses. The couple must be sensitive to this issue. When the parents offer to spend it is good to accept and the couple should not deny this even if their parents hand over all that they own. They have some pleasure
in contributing and they enjoy the marriage. They have a major role to be paid.

It is much advisable to discuss with your parents the budget and this way you put them through
an idea about the expenses to be borne.

Who Pays for what in a Wedding